The market leading hatchery is now improved:

  • Hatching trays and EasyHatch substrate are now moulded in one piece
  • Reduced number of components for easier service and cleaning
  • Improved water distribution with increased area of outlet grid and EasyHatch
  • More user-friendly design and easier to clean makes fungus and bacteria growth less of a problem
  • Water channel replaces the old distribution pipes

Prepared for AutoTend
The more compact solution opens up the opportunity to install the automatic tending robot for roe and fry: AutoTend

Area efficiency
The traditional systems have a limited capacity, takes up a lot of space, and are hard to work with over time. By using CompHatch, one would gain a lot of free space, in addition to having a more ergonomic working position. CompHatch also allows for the tending from a work lift to further improve the working conditions.

Energy efficiency
CompHatch has a much lower water consumption that ordinary hatching trays and combi tanks have. The lower water consumption leads to a reduced energy consumption. An increased exchange rate of the process water with a more even distribution ensures a good distribution of oxygen to all parts of the substrate. Further an even stream of water stops any accumulation of residuals in the hatching tray.

Optimal conditions for roe and fry 
The system is designed to give both roe and fry optimal conditions, both with regards to flow and water quality. Each hatching tray has its own water intake with a flow meter, so that the flow can be controlled individually in each tray. All hatching trays comes with EasyHatch hatching substrate to ensure good support for the newly hatched yolk sack fry.

Havbruksinstituttet AS har dokumentert effekten av CompHatch® klekkeskap og EasyHatch® klekkesubstrat ved to av Marine Harvests avdelinger. Disse ble da testet opp mot et tradisjonelt klekkesubstrat i 1 m kar samt EasyHatch® i 1 m kar. Resultatene viser at kombinasjonen CompHatch® med EasyHatch® har:

  • 21 %  lower mortality than traditional substrates in 1m tanks.
  • 6 % lower mortality than 1 m tanks with EasyHatch.
  • At least 33 % more capacity than standard 1m tanks with traditional substrate without affecting survival rate or growth rate.

Operational managers at the two sites have stated that the time used for cleaning/maintenance was reduced by a 4-5fold when using EasyHatch compared to traditional hatching substrate.

CompHatch with EasyHatch – Optimal Combination
A study performed by SINTEF showed that the EasyHatch hatching substrate required on average 56% fewer work hours compared to other combinations found in the study.

(Ref. study performed by Alvestad together with SINTEF and a master student at NTNU (2009). Results based on data from 22 hatcheries, where 14 had a combination of EasyHatch and CompHatch)


CompHatch comes with 8 levels, with 2 hatching trays in each level. Total capacity per CompHatch is 360 000 roe or fry.

  • Uses 85 % less space
  • 360 000 roe/fry per system
  • 3 million roe/fry in 30 m2
  • 50 % reduced water consumption
  • Total water consumption of 64 l/min to 128 l/min
  • Reduced energy consumption from heating/cooling due to lower water consuption
  • Minimum pressure to CompHatch: 0.25bar

Work lift

Tending made safer, easier, and more efficient with WorkLift AM35!

  • Battery powered lift that eliminates the need for extension cords
  • Low weight to allow for easy handling between each hatching cabinet
  • Capacity up to 130kg distributed over a working platform of 0.65 x 0.55 meters
  • Automated parking brakes when platform is raised

Lightproof cover

Limit the effects of surrounding lights with a specialized lightproof cover. 

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