AutoOx is a new oxygen system that enables continuous, accurate and automatic regulation of oxygen levels in water. The system regulates the volume flow of highly oxygenated water supplied to the tank via an actuated valve.

  • AutoOx is fully automatic, no adjustment or calibration required after start-up – not even flowmeter adjustment.
  • AutoOx can automatically increase the oxygen saturation in the tank just before feeding, to avoid low values of oxygen saturation
  • AutoOx is integrated in the GasBuster system, which means that all control is supplied from the same control panel.

The system draws water from a GasBuster unit using a high-pressure pump, and supplies the oxygenated water back with the help of actuated valves. An oxygen system, together with a GasBuster system, can supply treated water to 2 tanks.​

AutoOx is produced in polyethylene (PE) and is therefore very robust, has a long life and is chemical and corrosion resistant. The device is easy to clean and disinfect.