A new simplified water treatment system for hatcheries, using a similar logic as the KubeHatch RAS. The technology and components selected allows water recirculation from 85% up to 90% of the flow demanded by hatching eggs and fingerlings.​

Mechanical filtration, gass treatment and temperature control

PLC with touch screen for simple control and monitoring

Electromagnetic flow meter controls make-up water
Air to water energysystem for heating and cooling

Heat recovery system for increased energy efficiency

Focus on water consumption and temperature

ReuseHatch leveres med frekvensomformere for pumper og vifter, og lignende kontrollsystem som KubeHatch. Med fokus på forbruk av nytt vann kontrollerer systemet kontinuerlig vannforbruket og temperaturen som leveres til klekkeriet.

A heat recovery step allows efficient use of the energy along the incubation process. ReuseHatch is an ideal system for hatcheries with good water quality, when key factors are water and energy saving, ensuring quality and safety.​


An aeration system take control over CO2, TGP, maintaining also O2 levels at 100% saturation. An efficient aeration process with very low pressure forced ventilation can achieve equilibrium conditions for the water before entering the hatchery, avoiding gas supersaturation problems.​

Process control

PID regulation controls main functions such as flow to the hatchery, make up water flow, temperature, flow to the aerator, and sump level. Beside PID, the system continously monitors process parameters and generates alarms that can be sent to a central control system in the facility. It is also possible to install equipment for full remote assistance via internet.
By ModBus TCP or OPC-UA implementation towards existing SCADA system can be prepared for best possible monitoring from central control rooms.

In case of an electrical breakdown, the PLC, operator interface, and instrumentation will be powered from an UPS so that monitoring and control is feasible until the power supply is back.​

Retrofitting in existing hatchery

ReuseHatch is a flexible and modular system designed specifically for retrofit installations. All componets are built on spec to fit the need of the hatchery, as well as the existing infrastructure.